AltimeterOne Enhancements

We’re always looking for ways to improve. Thanks to our customers and dedicated beta testers, we’ve designed some neat improvements to the AltimeterOne that we’ll be phasing into production soon. Upcoming enhancements to the AltimeterOne include:

»  A second generation case design to increase ruggedness
»  An enhanced screen to indicate battery charge
»  Optional display of metric units for international users
»  New, high-quality retail packaging

The AltimeterOne in its new retail packaging

The new case will hopefully eliminate those situations where a sudden impact could crack the glue seam of the case. In most cases, this was occurring either during rough landings (a fall from 1,000 feet without a parachute, for instance) or in high power rockets where the ejection charge would slap the altimeter violently against the bottom of the nose cone. The new case is designed with some pretty rough conditions in mind, gives the altimeter a little more of a “rugged” appearance, eliminates the entire gluing process, and actually lowers the weight of the altimeter slightly.
Expect to see these changes appearing soon, as well as an expansion of the product line!