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Coming in May 2011: The AltimeterTwo

New for May 2011, the AltimeterTwo packs even more power into a package the same size as the AltimeterOne. With the addition of a triple axis accelerometer and a processor that is four times faster, the AltimeterTwo can now measure speed, acceleration, and the timing of events throughout a rocket’s flight. The AltimeterTwo provides a […]

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AltimeterOne Enhancements

We’re always looking for ways to improve. Thanks to our customers and dedicated beta testers, we’ve designed some neat improvements to the AltimeterOne that we’ll be phasing into production soon. Upcoming enhancements to the AltimeterOne include: »  A second generation case design to increase ruggedness »  An enhanced screen to indicate battery charge »  Optional […]

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Supply Chain Challenges

Our printed circuit boards and packaging are manufactured in California. Our source of custom Lithium batteries is based in Hong Kong. Injection molded parts and LCD displays are created in China, while the heart of our test equipment originated in Hungary. There were great reasons for choosing each—they are all “best of breed”—but what do […]

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